Founder and Owner of The Corporate Hotels

Founder and Owner of The Corporate Hotels

Mr.Ganbold Tordai

Address: Mahatma Gandhi street 39, Khan Uul district 15, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 17011


•1979-1989    Soviet Secondary School #14 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

•1991-1993     Foreign Language Institute (French) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

•1998-2000   Marketing Management Academy in Hamburg, Germany

•2000-2002 National University of Mongolia, School of Foreign Language and Culture (French)

•2001-2004   Institute of Finance and Economics (Accounting)

Spoken Languages: Russian, German, French, and English

Career History:

• 1989-2000  Started a small exporting business

• 2000-2007 Established ‘Pioneering International’ LLC

• 2005-2006 Established ‘Corporate Hotel’ LLC

• 2006-2009 Appointed as Director General of Darkhan Metallurgical Plant (State owned company)

• 2009-2010  Established ‘Corporate Hotel & Resort’ LLC

• 2010-2014  Established NRI LLC ‘Corporate Hotel & Convention Centre’

• 2011             Became the owner of ‘Golden East Mongolia’ LLC, ‘Bumbat’ LLC and ‘Vostokneftegaz’ LLC

• 2013             Founded ‘Mongolian Gold Producers Association’

Major Achievements:

• 1989-2000  Export of goods from China to Russia and to Eastern Europe as a small business starter

• 2000-2007 Full supply of wheat from Russian Altai province to Mongolian flour companies such as ‘Altan Taria’ LLC and ‘Ulaanbaatar Guril’ LLC during a shortage period. While United State’s government supplied 20,000 tons and Japan’s government supplied 5,000 tons of wheat per year, Mr.Ganbold’s company supplied 10,000 tons per month.

• 2005-2006 Established the first hotel that meets international standards. With meeting rooms, conference halls and training rooms for tourists and business travelers. Since 2007, The Corporate Hotel has become one of the leading hotels on occupancy rate.

• 2006-2009 Increased production capacity of the Darkhan Metallurgical Plant from 30% to 80%, number of employees from 300 to 1,000, average salary from 280,000 to 1,000,000 MNT and increased the profit for the first time to 15 billion MNT. On its initial return to the state, the large iron ore deposits such as Tumurtei, Tumur tolgoi, Khust jul and began production on the Tumur tolgoi iron ore deposits.

• 2009-2010  Successfully established the second branch of the hotel in Nukht Valley for business meetings, conferences, and for pleasure.

• 2010-2014  Successfully established the third branch of the hotel in Khan Uul district, Ulaanbatar with 980 seat entertainment and exhibition center for international meetings and conferences.

• 2011-2014   Made technological and biological reclamation on 630 acres of land, resulting in the creations of 1,000 jobs.

Since acquiring Golden East Mongolia LLC in 2011, the company paid:

• Government Taxes                       - $49.6 million

• Social security contributions     - $1.6 million

• Banks                                              - $34.6 million

• By court order                               - $1.8 million

United the remaining 50 gold mining companies in order to organize the activity of these companies and work with government authorities properly, which resulted in its initial positive changes to legal environment of gold mining sector thus in 2014, producing 13 tons of gold or replenished $520 million to the Mongolian economy.

Work Team

Our team is diversified and we interact with each other with mutual respect regardless of gender, nationality and background. We trust each other and believe in fairness and transparency.Our vision is to become the leading Company in the region. Using innovative ideas, we provide best of breed solutions . Combining creative problem solving, solid service delivery model.

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